Tips on buying the cheapest auto insurance

Buying a new car is very exciting. Many people buy one after saving a lot of hard earned money. The excitement is dampened when one looks at the ridiculous auto insurance premiums. Expensive auto insurance policies take the fun out of buying a car. They make a person think twice before buying a car. As it is one has to pay good deal for the fuel which is increasing at an alarming rate. Secondly the regular maintenance costs are sure to drive a hole in one’s pocket. Unless one has a rich dad, it is difficult to cope up with the additional burden of paying the auto insurance premiums. As a result many new car owners spend sleepless nights trying to find the cheapest auto insurance.

There are few tips which can help in finding the cheapest auto insurance. Before going on the insurance hunting expedition it is important to know few basics. There are three basic categories of auto insurance. The first one is third party cover, the second one is fully comprehensive cover and third party fire and theft motor insurance. Every auto insurance company will provide a different quote for each of these covers. One should choose an insurance which is low on price and high on features. Among these three categories the third party cover is the cheapest but the safest one is fully comprehensive cover. It is also the most expensive one.

The fully comprehensive insurances the car owner against car damage like broken windscreens, broken stereo and other kind of car damages. It also provides insurance against damages by the vehicle owners to other motorists and damage by other motorists to the vehicle owner. Apart from vehicle damages it also covers injuries by other motorists and vice versa. The list of advantages does not end here. It also covers an individual against vehicle theft. Since this auto insurance policy is expensive, it pays to go with the cheapest auto insurance in this category.

The next type of auto insurance is third party fire and theft insurance. This insurance generally protects the vehicle owner from vehicle theft or vehicle getting burnt. It also provides coverage against injuries. It does not cover the vehicle owner from damages caused by the vehicle owner’s fault. With some online research, one is sure to come across cheap auto insurance new york. The third type is third party auto insurance. This type of insurance policy provides the minimum cover and hence is the cheapest one. This cheap auto insurance new york is a good choice for New Yorkers who have a tight budget.

One needs to do considerable research to find decent auto insurance quotes. One way of finding out decent quotes is by visiting individual website of each auto insurance company. Such a process can drive a person crazy as one would have to surf through endless insurance parlance to find the suitable quote. Such a headache can be reduced by looking for sites which provide a free comparison of auto insurance quotes.

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  1. Cheaper is’nt always better,but I’d like choose the cheapest auto insurance.