The $55 Billion Industry That Will Change Your Life

investOwning a business is the fastest way to change your life. When you transition from working in a corporate job to owning your own business you automatically switch from working toward someone else’s goals to working toward your own. This shift is life altering, and we have discovered an exciting way to do it: investing in a sign business.

The business services industry is expanding, and custom printing is a huge part of it. Businesses in every industry need signs to advertise, which is where this dynamic and exciting opportunity comes from. The industry is huge and the opportunities abound, making this industry the best kept secret of American entrepreneurship.

The Industry
This $55 billion industry—yes, that’s billion with a B—is an integral part of the business to business (B2B) market. Investing in the sign industry is a smart way to get your piece of the pie.

Consistent Growth
According to the ISA—that’s the International Sign Association—the industry grew by 11.6% in 2015 and it projected to grow by a whopping 15.3% in 2016. This rapid industry growth is particularly strong in the United States, where 2016’s growth has been a full 4% higher than worldwide growth.

The growth in 2016 is just the beginning. 2017 is expected to grow even more with no sign—pun intended—of stopping.

Digital signage in particular is continuing to grow. Businesses and organizations are using digital signs for a variety of purposes now, including digital menus, digital billboards, countdowns, directories, lobby signs, and more. Virtually any sign or advertisement can be made digital.

Staying Power
The sign industry is not a fleeting trend in business. Take the fact that there is an International Sign Association as evidence that this is a powerful industry. Signage comes in a variety of forms, including print, digital, electric, and “wayfinding.”

Starting a sign business can either fill a niche in your area or improve upon the sign industry that is already available. Businesses, governments, and organizations will never stop needing custom printing or digital and electric signage.

Indeed, some sign franchises come equipped to offer clients signage as diverse as custom carpets, banners, vinyl lettering, vehicle wraps, and more.

Sign Business Opportunities Abound
Because this industry is so important, there is no shortage of sign business opportunities. Savvy entrepreneurs can start their own businesses or invest in sign franchises—either way the opportunities seem to be endless.

A wide skillset can find success in starting a sign business or investing in a sign franchise opportunity. People who have an eye for design are well-suited to the graphic element of designing signs, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. IndeedHealth Fitness Articles, starting a sign business is not just for the creative types; anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and willing to work hard is a good fit for this explosive industry.

Change Your Life!
Starting a business is the American Dream! It is the ultimate way to be your own boss and enjoy independence in your career. Starting a sign business is one opportunity that we are excited about.

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